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Web Hosting...




Web Hosting is when you go out on the internet and find a company to park your website on. Prices vary depending how much space your website takes up. You can also purchase a domain name these companies as well.





2 Basic types of hosting:














Paid hosting:



Paid hosting is when you find a company on the internet that will allow you to park your website for a price. There are several companies to choose from and they all offer basically the same services to you. Most of them have 24/7 support centers and plenty of bandwidth for your space.


Pro Hosting will give you 1000MB or 1 GB of space, 200 mailboxes, and a free domain name for $13.91 per month with a $9.95 set up fee. gives you 500MB of space, 100 mailboxes, a free domain name, 5 GB of bandwidth for traffic per month, and works with CGI & PHP/Perl/Python.





Free hosting:



Free Hosting is finding a place to park your website at no charge. There several of these companies out there for your use. You should compare them to see which one best suites your needs.


These too offer file management, 24/7 support, and additional mailboxes. A major drawback from using a free host is their name is usually part of your url. For Example, my site at tripod is, where as, if I were to pay to have my site hosted my address might be (without the host name in the address). Another downfall to free hosting is you do not get as much space to park your site.


I would suggest you research thoroughly as many web hosting companies as possible for your benefit. When you meet with a client, based on their needs, and the type of website being built, you will know what web hosting company will suit your customer best.