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Paradise Island

Resort Picture
This five star resort has everything you can think of from day spas, salons, to shopping boutiques. There are also two golf coarses, three tennis courts, and five swimming pools for the convenience of our guest. We hope you will find everything you need right at your fingertips.
We have three restaurants in our resort. We serve anything you can think of from gourmet meals to burgers and fries. We have something for everyone. Our seafood is brought in fresh daily for your convenience and there is a free continental breakfast everymorning in our main lobby for those of you who prefer pastries over a large breakfast.
Island View
Since Paradise Island Beach Resort is a private island, there are plenty of beaches for everyone to enjoy. We provide transportation to other beaches on our island for your convenience. We also have sceduled boat rides to other islands if you want to explore them as well. You will find a brochure on this information in your suite.

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